Fishing Vessels

We provide Fishing Vessels with a wide range of services catering to the under 15m and over 15m fishing fleet throughout the UK and Ireland to SEAFISH and MCA requirements.


McCollam Marine is authorised to carry out inspections on behalf of SEAFISH for New Builds and for existing vessels coming onto the UK Register.

UK Under 15m Fishing Vessels

If you require an under 15m fishing boat to come onto the UK Register, McCollam Marine are Authorised by the MCA to carry out these Registration inspections on existing vessels under 15m. The necessary paperwork is then completed and forwarded to the MCA for review.

Irish Under 15m Code of Practice

For advise on how to ensure that your boat complies with the current Code of Practice for under 15m Fishing Vessels in Ireland contact McCollam Marine.

Light Ship Checks

All fishing vessels over 15m are required to have a Lightship Check carried out every 5 years to ensure that the vessel is still within acceptable limits on Displacement and LCG. McCollam Marine is authorised by the MCA to carry out these checks and to issue the reports to the MCA enabling the vessel to have a current certificate issued.

Stability Books

Over 15m Fishing Vessels, Certain Passenger Boats and Workboats require Stability Information Booklets to be carried on board and to be approved by the relevant Certifying Authority. McCollam Marine can produce the necessary Stability Information Booklets for your vessel.

Contact Us to discuss any of your requirements regarding your fishing vessel or workboat.